What to Know When Using Restore DUO Dressings

*Seek advice from your licensed healthcare professional in regards to your healthcare needs

It’s time again to examine another wound dressing option to offer additional product information, help educate caregivers and provide an opportunity for users to pose any questions they might have about the product. This time around, we look at Hollister Wound Care‘s Restore® DUO Absorbent Dressings, non-adhesive.

Here are a few things that you should know about DUO dressings before using them:

· Ideal for Low Exuding Acute and Chronic Wounds.
The layers of DUO dressing are as absorbent as using 2-3 gauze pads. Having all of that absorbency compacted into one wound dressing enables you to change dressings less frequently (every 1-3 days), which can reduce overall dressing time and pain associated with some types of dressings for the patient.

· The Material’s Flexibility Allows for Conformability.
DUO dressings are flexible and conform to the wound bed and body contours, enabling safe contact with the wound and surrounding tissue without creating any additional damage to the skin. By not disrupting or aggravating wounds that are in the process of healing, the dressing supports the patient’s recovery process.

· Super Absorbency in a Comfortable Package.
Restore DUO dressing offer so much absorbency and flexibility, yet its layers are assembled in a thin, soft package that doesn’t feel heavy or cumbersome to the patient yet still provides solid, compact support of the wound healing process.

· Dressings Feature TRIACT Technology.
TRIACT Technology is made up of a lipido-colloid matrix that forms a gel when exudate is present, which provides a moist healing interface between the wound and the dressing. The non-occlusive fine mesh reduces the potential for microfibers to shed in the wound, which in turn means a lesser chance of damaging newly formed skin near the wound and less pain for the patient throughout the process. DUO dressings are especially helpful when the periwound skin is too delicate to risk exposure to any kind of adhesive dressing.

· Counterindications.
Restore DUO dressings should not be used on individuals who are sensitive to or who have had an allergic reaction to the dressing or one of its components.

If you have any questions about Restore DUO absorbent dressings or use of them, please contact EB Coordinator Leslie Rader at 1-888-EBAID4U or by email at leslie.rader@hollisterwoundcare.com.

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