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In our continued efforts to provide information to EB patients and their caregivers about the different options available for wound dressing, we take a closer look at another one of Hollister Wound Care’s core products, Restore Calcium Alginate Dressings®, available with and without silver.

Here are some specific characteristics that you should know about Restore Calcium Alginate Dressings:

  • High absorbency and consistency.
    Because of Restore Calcium Alginate Dressings’ advanced fiber makeup, it offers excellent absorption and therefore, may need changing less often than other dressing options. Fewer dressing changes means less trauma for the patient and less time spent by the caregiver.
  • Less residue than other calcium alginate dressings.
    By leaving a cleaner surface area when removed, Restore Calcium Alginate Dressings reduce the need to clear away excess residue which can potentially cause damage to new tissue during this irrigation process.
  • Helps avoid lateral wicking of exudates.
    Restore Calcium Alginate Dressings helps prevent lateral wicking which in turn protects fragile skin by minimizing risk of maceration.
  • Restore Calcium Alginate Dressings are also available with Silver.
    The dressing contains a combination of calcium alginate, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and ionic silver complex, which releases silver ions in the presence of wound fluid to fight odor and a broad spectrum of microorganisms frequently associated with the bacterial colonization and infection of wounds such as MRSA.
  • Some individuals should not use Restore Calcium Alginate Dressings or Restore Calcium Alginate Dressings with Silver.
    Individuals who are sensitive to or have had an allergic reaction to the dressing or one of its components should not use Restore Calcium Alginate Dressings.  Restore Calcium Alginate Dressings also should not be used on dry or lightly exuding wounds.

If you have any questions about either of these products or their use, please contact EB Coordinator Leslie Rader at 1-888-EBAID4U or by email at

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